February 27th, 2016


"И, например, когда возникает такая проблема, что супруг заболел, многим не ясно, должен ли второй тратить деньги, силы, время, или все-таки не должен.

Правда что ли?
Если не должен - то нахрен такой супруг?

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Если человек видит, что второй не то что забираться ему на шею не хочет, но и лишний раз беспокоить не будет, то он сам будет внимательно смотреть, нет ли у второго беспокойств, особенно, если второй за его беспокойствами так же следит и старается помогать.

Второй сделает вид что так и надо и подумает "какой у меня клевый бесппоблемный партнёр, могу делать чо хочу, а та тряпочка все съест"

From quora. Знакомо выглядит.

Here are 14 Manipulation tactics you can study .

*Flattery - compliment other to "butter them up" and get them in good mood for requests. Hone in on their Insecurities and provide them the reassurance they need for better effect.

*Favor/Gift - give favors and gifts so down the road they owe me for what I have done for them.

False Intimacy - pretend to be interested in everything they are (music, hobbies, people....) Tell Fake secrets to build trust and loyalty and to allow them to in return tell secrets about themselves. Give them hat they want / need (E) , Say what they want to hear , [works best with new friend]

False Expectations - pretend things are a certain way (way I want them) already making decision before other can get to thinking. (Ex. alright then see you @ 8)

Silence treatment - give random and unexpected silent treatment. To throw them off and could even make the empathetic or Emotional feel as if they did something wrong and make up for it with gifts or overt kindness, which indicates you have them wrapped around your finger

Over asking - ask for something major for 1st request knowing it'll get denied . then butter it down with a minor more compatible request (the one you wanted all along)

False Equivalence - False equivalence is when the manipulator uses a logical fallacy to imply that if you do (or don’t do) one specific thing, that it means something else, usually that you have a generally undesirable trait.

*Guilt / Shaming - make victim feel guilty for what he has done, or isn't going to do. [[(Gather intelligence for guilt trips, do request]]) if request turned down, make feel guilty with the intelligence that's gathered

Fake normal - say the thing there doing is so normal everyone is doing it,, or so NOT normal that nobody does it. They'll feel inclined to do the request.

Subject Switch - suddenly bring up Hot gossip or Interesting news, genuine interests, whenever you don't want to talk about something

Reactions / Intention test - create a story to tell others to see how they react to such type of story. Test intentions .

Random / unexpected behavior - keep people on tip of their toes by never revealing the reasons behind your actions. (Nice/Mean randomly with no patterns)

Fill Emotional needs - fill their Insecurities and unhappiness and find the root for them both. Provide them the reassurance they need. Give people what they want and say what they want to hear.

Over-playing - When someone asks for something, use something along the lines "oh come on, is that what you REALLY WANT" Over play the request from person and tweak it to your advantage to get out of requests or to persuade